Gone are the days when you have to scramble around town for a last minute haircut or shave. Lucky for you, at Lincoln St. Barbers we offer pre-booked barber appointments for all of our clients. This means we can get your appointments set up months in advance to keep your look fresh as often as your heart desires. Still need some convincing? Here are our top reasons why pre-booking is the way to go:

  1. When you pre-book, you’ll stay on the books of your favorite barber. At Lincoln St., chances are you’ve already found a barber who you vibe with. Sticking with one barber ensures your haircut and style will always be consistent. They’ll get to know you and that dome piece well, perfecting your ideal look with each visit.
  2. No more stressing about trying to get in right away. We know, it’s easy to neglect the self care and put off the long-awaited haircut or shave until that day when you look in the mirror in a panic. But have no fear — pre-booking is here. If you’ve deciphered the length of time you tend to need between haircuts, just book in advance and you’ll be good to go.
  3. Always have a day and time set when it’s most convenient to you. Whether it’s the first Saturday morning of every month, or an after work pick-me-up every other week, you can be sure that time is always set aside for you. No need to rush into an appointment you hadn’t planned for.
  4. Your self-care time becomes a priority. Not only for you, but for us, too. You’ll look forward to that scheduled time where you get to go to Lincoln St. Barbers and just relax. And as a regular client at your favorite local barber shop, you’ll always get that top-notch service.
  5. Rescheduling is easier. It’s much easier to shift that appointment rather than rolling the dice trying to get in on a whim. If you or your barber needs to reschedule, we’ll set you up with another time or another trusty barber.

The moral of the story: pre-booking your barber appointments at Lincoln St. Barbers will save you a lot of time and stress. And, you’ll always know what to expect with our consistent service. Are you ready to become a regular here at LSB? Give us a call or stop by the shop and we’ll get you set up for style success.