Lincoln St. Barbers is your locally owned and operated classic barbershop. Here at Lincoln St. we are true barbers, and we’re passionate about traditional barbershop craft & culture. Each one of our 10 barbers is a licensed barber, not a hairstylist or cosmetologist. This means we specialize in straight shaves & precise haircuts.

Our shop is more than just a quick haircut — it’s a place where people from all walks of life can sit down, relax, and be taken care of. If you’re into haircuts that don’t suck, come on in, have a drink, and join our Community of Civilized Misfits.




Jason is all about creating community through quality craftsmanship and conversation. As the owner and ringmaster of Lincoln St. Barbers, Jason strives to share his enthusiasm for the classic, quality, true barbershop experience with everyone who walks through the doors and beyond.



Graham is a fourth-generation Colorado native and lifelong Colorado Springs local. He’s got a knack for knowing what each client needs, and always delivers exceptional service. He’s been with Lincoln St. Barbers since its inception — #loyalAF. During his “office hours,” Professor Blade is an avid board-gamer, an outdoor enthusiast, and a music lover.

jay watkins

AKA stealth viking

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Jay is our front desk organization master. He has a heart of gold and tells it like it is — a balance our team truly appreciates. When Jay is not busy keeping it all together at the barbershop, he can be found spending time with family and playing video games.

brandie roark

AKA slim fadey

Brandie is a big fan of the transformative power that barbering brings to her clients. Her expertise in clipper & razor work will keep you coming back for more. In her off time, you’ll find her perusing the Interwebs for good deals on wristwatches, as she is an avid collector.



Having experimented with his own hair growing up, Eric values the art of pairing an excellent haircut with a sharp hairstyle. After attending barber school, Eric’s brother, Mike (a fellow Misfit), recruited Eric to work at Lincoln St. Barbers. On his off days, he’s playing video games, watching Netflix, and spending time with his beloved Husky, Roxanne.

tamarae’ brenha

AKA t-rex

Tamarae’ always embraces the unique style of each person that comes in to Lincoln St. for a visit. She knows just what to do to make sure you leave feeling your freshest. She’s all about the details, keeps us all laughing, and specializes in the overall excellent barbershop experience. This is a chair you’ll be stoked to sit in.

angelica esser


Angelica is a California native and military spouse with eight years of cosmetology experience. Lucky for us, she recently added “barber” to her title, and her sights were set on becoming a part of the humble Lincoln St. fam. Since then, she’s become an expert at the classic straight razor shave, and she always knows how to make everyone feel like VIP.

Savannah Haug-Gonzalez

AKA Savi

Working hard while having fun is what Savi is all about, which makes her a great addition to the LSB fam. This Minnesota native brought her barbering skills all the way to Colorado and landed here at Lincoln Street. She strives to bring each of her clients not only exceptional service, but also plenty of laughs and great conversation — a combination we can all appreciate.

Miguel Solano

aka Barber Claws

Miguel always knows how to warm up our shop culture with his happy vibes. He consistently delivers the ideal barbershop experience for our visitors here at Lincoln Street, making sure everyone who walks through our doors leaves feeling fresh, chilled out, and confident. He’s a Colorado native, a “seize the day” kind of guy, and of course, a 10/10 barber.


AKA godzilla

Sup, playas? Name’s Cheeko. I’m just your average bearded dragon that hangs out with all my homies over at Lincoln St. Barbers. If you want to know what’s happenin’ behind the glass, follow me on Instagram @cheeko_lsb.


We are always looking to grow our team, if you think you’ve got what it takes to join our ranks (aka you’re a certified and licensed barber) shoot us an email with your resume. Bong Bong.

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