We know what you’re thinking — the topic of this blog sounds gross. But it’s actually quite the opposite. At Lincoln St. Barbers, our clients frequently ask us, “What’s that smell?” For us, every time we hear that FAQ, we’re flattered. It’s a compliment. In fact, the recognizable LSB aroma is something that our shop owner Jason and the rest of our civilized misfits work hard to achieve. Why, you ask?

Ever since he was a little guy, Jason wanted to be a barber. The timeless culture of barber shops grabbed this dude and would not let him go. The community and genuine culture a barbershop created between guys was amazing to him. The time and thought that a barber took to perfect each cut and shave was hypnotic. And one of the most memorable things that pulled Jason in: The smells! 

The smells that could be found in the barbershop took him places. The aromas of all the potions, lathers, lotions, and hair products instantly calmed every ounce of his being. It’s like that soothing feeling of someone tucking you in for bed. That feeling that everything is all good, because somewhere out there, there’s a positive masculine energy out there backing you. And he’s not the only one who feels this way.

On a daily basis, people stop by LSB and ask us about that comforting, familiar smell that seems to transcend the generations. People of all ages often tell us it reminds them of their dad, or it reminds them of their grandpa. The smell of a barbershop seems to bring back good memories of the men that took care of us as kids. It brings back this memory for almost everyone who walks through our doors. The pleasant, robust barbershop aroma has seemingly stayed consistent enough to follow men home for the past several decades.

So when you ask your barber, “What’s that smell?” We love it. Everything about Lincoln St. Barbers was designed to invoke that comfortable, soothing, positive, familiar, masculine vibe for everyone that hangs here with us. Every last thing, even down to the smells. 

So, what exactly makes up that wonderful barbershop smell? A combo of stringents, pomades, and lathers. We use a range of products — from traditional barbershop products that have been around for generations to newer product lines such as Bonafide and Victory Crown pomades. Our products maintain that old school quality and aroma we all know and love, taking us back to the good ol’ days with every use.

The LSB smell seems to be a big reason why so many people stop in to the shop. It brings them back home for a moment, taking them on a quick journey to the stress-free days of being a kid, when a guy you looked up to was there for you no matter what. Maybe it was your dad, your grandpa, or your uncle. Or maybe it’s just your trusty Barber.